Automation Alliance Group

The Automation Alliance Group is a consortium of leading control systems integrators from around the globe, helping customers drive quality, consistency, and productivity.

An international automation and integration alternative, Alliance firms offer significant advantages by providing the following:

  • Centers of Excellence: Focused expertise across all major industry groups
  • Lowered Risk: Global connections and navigation of codes and regulations
  • Responsiveness: Global ability and local relationships and connections
  • Product Independence: Customer-focused, on best technology solutions
  • Cost Savings: High quality, competitive outsourcing and reduced start-up costs
  • Collaborative Delivery: Applied best practices and benchmarking across five continents

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance was born of a vision to offer expertise in technical, geographic, and cultural matters across the globe through leading independent control system integration firms. It was born of a vision to offer a better way to provide multi-national firms with consistent integration services, regardless of geographic location.

Each firm represents expertise in a particular geographic or technical area; each has been selected for their solutions, which are targeted for particular business needs. Because the Alliance helps access strategic and tactical expertise across the globe, collectively, these firms can help reduce your business risk, lower your implementation costs, and improve the service operations in your global markets, all the while driving improved return on your investment.

Current member firms are as follows:

The Alliance is built to help you manage your business around the world. You can confidently turn to the Alliance for unparalleled cross-border solutions across multiple cultures.

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