• Port of Miami Tunnel Project-Phase 1 Ships

After several months of work on the Port of Miami Tunnel Project conveyor controls, Phase 1 has shipped. Phase 1 consists of two of the three fully functional enclosed housings, each 22' long and weighing about 4 1/2 tons, that contain all of the control system elements needed to manage the conveyors that will be used with the tunnel boring machine.

The project consists of three 22-foot-long portable housings.Each housing contains the complete control system for conveyor operation.Port of Miami Housings

The process of loading two of the housings on a flatbed truck for the trip to Miami is chronicled in the video below. The straightforward process was challenged a bit by a steady rain that fell throughout the day.  POMT_loadingPhase1_0001 (wmv) POMT_loadingPhase1 (Flash Video)

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