• How the Automation Alliance Group Membership Benefits Our OEM Customers
AAG logo Two recent examples within our OEM group have demonstrated the immense value of Automation Alliance Group membership to us and our customers. In one case, our OEM customer asked us to provide a quote for project startup costs. The project location would have required two travel days per week for a Revere person, meaning only three days of actual work could be done per week, thus extending the total number of weeks required for completion of startup. Plus we would have incurred two airplane trips per week for the duration of the project, estimated at 22 weeks. One of our AAG partners was located only 2.5 hours of drive time from the site. This meant more time could be spent on site accomplishing work, and no air travel costs would be incurred. Utilizing their quote for startup services, our realized savings were estimated to be about $33,000 in labor costs and another $15,400 in travel costs. The result was that we were able to provide our customer with a quote for startup services that was almost $50,000 less than if we had been required to do the startup with our own direct labor. This savings was enough to assure our customer of winning the bid and getting the work-a win-win-win situation. In the second case, a new OEM account we're developing sent us an order for a project located in Alberta, Canada. We have had some difficulty wresting business away from one of their established control system suppliers, but in this project, the specifications required that the control system drawings be stamped by a PE registered in Alberta. Our competitors couldn't provide that service, but we were able to provide that through a Canadian AAG partner, Autopro Automation Consultants. A happy OEM customer with new business was the result.

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