• Water Energy Nexus Described in "WaterWorld" Article

Water Energy Nexus We typically think of water and electricity as elements that don't play well together. But in the real world of wastewater treatment, there is a significant intersection of water and energy, called the "water energy nexus." It is this relationship that is described in an article written for WWEMA (Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association) and published by "WaterWorld" magazine. The article was authored by Director of OEM Business Development Leelon Scott, with significant contributions by Director of Project Development Ben Lamar.

Leelon Scott Leelon Scott[/caption] The article discusses the amount of energy contained in the biosolids and biogases that are part of the wastewater stream and the ways in which that potential energy could be captured and put to use. At a point in our history where energy efficiency is an important process, the article addresses the theme with depth and clarity. If you are involved in any way in the wastewater industry, this is an important and valuable read.

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