Business Process Optimization

puzzle-sales growthIndustrial automation and control systems serve to make equipment and processes on the plant floor function properly and optimally. But that is only the base of the business technology pyramid. Moving up the pyramid involves the following levels:

  • Process supervision (SCADA): direct visibility and control of the operating elements of the plant floor
  • Process management (management execution systems): monitoring and managing work-in-process on the factory floor
  • Plant management (enterprise resource planning): a holistic view of purchasing, accounting, supply chain management, and manufacturing planning to aid in decision making and forecasting
  • Corporate enterprise information systems: the technology platform that enables organizations to integrate and coordinate business process in a robust manner to increase productivity and reduce product development cycles, service cycles, and marketing life cycles

As machine and process performance information moves up the pyramid, higher levels of management receive information needed to make decisions that impact overall business performance, productivity, and efficiency.

We can bring resources and expertise to bear on getting the right data into the hands of the right decision makers at all levels, allowing them to make informed decisions based on real-time performance data. Such informed and responsive decision making is a key element to achieving optimal business performance.

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