Co-op Program


Unlike some companies that may view co-op students as little more than cheap labor to do "go-fer" work, we look upon our co-op program as a full-fledged training ground for prospective future employees. As such, we offer our co-ops the following:

  • A structured training schedule that gives them face time with people in every department. They have the opportunity to learn how the entire business functions, not just how engineering operates.
  • Hands-on work opportunities. In most of the training segments, they get to do actual work that produces value. It may be wiring and assembling a control panel, testing an installed system in the field, updating component pricing data for the sales department, or writing a blog post for marketing.
  • The ability to improve the program. Each student is required to make a presentation to the Co-op Program Committee at the end of each work segment, describing their experiences, positive and negative, and providing their feedback on areas where the program can be made better for future sessions.

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What are co-op students themselves saying they like about the program at Revere?

  • Hands-on experience. Actually get to build things and be involved.
  • Very well laid out schedule. It's not just a "Go get me coffee and copy this for me" job.
  • One-on-one experience with a wide range of people from all departments. You get to see most angles of the company and get an explanation of how it works.
  • Friendly atmosphere. Everyone seems to get along and work well together. The company is like a big family.
  • The company is excited to have the co-op program. Everyone has been excited and thrilled to meet the new co-ops. They seem to enjoy teaching and showing us the ropes.
  • The organization of the company is outstanding. It just seems to flow.
  • Creativity is encouraged by all. They want you to come up with your own ideas.
  • Working isn't grueling because it's enjoyable.

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Co-op candidates are evaluated on personal attributes of intelligence, work ethic, passion for automation, and leadership qualities. They will be selected from a relevant engineering discipline. And they must be available for a minimum of three semester work terms. Other considerations are related work experience, related class work, permanent residence or citizenship, and a clean drug screen and background check.