Control System Integration

Control System IntegrationControl system integration is an engineering process that involves integrating hardware and software from multiple suppliers into a single control system solution for an end-user. We provide turnkey engineering design, procurement and construction automation services in a variety of modern industries including municipal clean water, utility, power, metals, forest products & manufacturing industries. Our qualified team incorporates best-practice design principles when Control Systems Integrationconstructing high-performing control system integration that maximizes efficiency while keeping costs in check. We have a proven track record of achieving objectives while exceeding client expectations.

Elements of System Integration

Control system integrators must design and optimize three key tasks to build a successfully integrated system. These include:

  • Power System IntegratorsData collection. Depending on the industry, data may be collected using analog devices, digital devices, or a combination of the two. Accurate, comprehensive data acquisition is the lifeblood of an efficient, high-performing system, and it must be distributed through the proper network of channels to ensure accessibility.
  • System supervision. The system must also be Control System Integratorssupervised to ensure ongoing performance. Today, system supervision is typically achieved through integration of automated, computer-powered monitoring and human personnel. Users must be able to implement necessary adjustments with minimal disruption to concurrent processes.
  • System control. System control typically follows a hierarchical structure, in which a lead supervisor enters commands on a master interface while field personnel have limited remote access to pertinent controls.

It is incumbent on system integrators to assure their design and execution addresses these elements. Combining decades of experience, our system design and engineering teams work to (1) continually integrate technology-driven best practices, and (2) build reliable, user-friendly systems that help clients earn and maintain a competitive advantage.

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