Discrete Control

water tank level monitoring and controlDiscrete controls are those systems that monitor and control individual pieces of equipment, such as pumps, motors, or conveyors, typically controlling on/off states and speed of operation. A simple example is a control system that monitors the float level in the wet well of a sewage lift station, turning on the pump when the level reaches a specific set point. If the float reaches a second set point, the pump may be instructed to run faster, or a second pump may be turned on. When the level falls, the process is reversed.

We have been designing and producing discrete control systems for our entire business life, providing extensive expertise across a broad range of equipment and applications types. We are especially proficient at addressing applications involving high horsepower pumps/motors and applications involving complex configurations. We were at the cutting edge of providing 3D graphics for HMI displays on our control panels.

A few examples of such discrete control systems are as follows:

  • 3D graphics for HMIOur control systems manage the pumps for the World Trade Center Memorial Fountains.
  • For more than a decade, we have provided control systems to a major manufacturer of commercial blowers, producing about 150 such panels a year.
  • In municipal water/wastewater applications, we have experience providing control systems for virtually every possible type of discrete equipment used in such facilities.
  • We have done controls for bag house compressors at power plants.

dual pump controlsSome related literature is as follows:

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