AC/DC Drives & Drive Systems

Cypress Creek DriveOne of the most fundamental functions of industrial automation is the control of the speed, torque, horsepower, and direction of motors, AC and DC. That is the function of drives. The complexity and many types of drives, from analog to vector, require extensive expertise to correctly implement solutions that fit each customer’s specific circumstances and needs. We have that level of expertise. Our experience covers most major brands and types, and we are as proficient with AC drives as with DC drives.

ACS550 line of drivesIn addition to being able to provide customers with virtually any brand of drive to fit their preferences, we are also able to offer very competitive pricing on a full line of branded drives through a partnership with a major drive manufacturer. We offer two lines, the ACS310 line, and the ACS550 line. The ACS310 addresses applications of 0.5 to 30 hp and 0.37 to 22 kW, while the ACS550 line fits applications of 1 to 550 hp and 0.75 to 355 kW.


Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are being used extensively as one very effective way to improve energy efficiency for rotating equipment. At essence, they accomplish this by matching energy consumption to the equipment's load--how fast it needs to run to perform effectively. We addressed VFDs and their benefits in a previous blog post.

Sample Project

A wood products customer needed to bring their boiler system into compliance on safety issues and to upgrade a controls system that was at the end of its useful life cycle. While addressing those needs, it was decided to also follow a corporate mandate to reduce energy consumption at all plants. This was the main driver behind inclusion of VFDs as a major part of this project. A total of 14 drives were employed on the project. Customer has yet to announce details of the energy savings realized.




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