E-House ExteriorThere are a number of applications, particularly in the energy, mining, and quarrying fields, where it is advantageous to have dedicated control room buildings that can be moved as associated operations and equipment move. The E-house functions as a self-contained MCC, with all associated controls, VFDs, electrical wiring, lighting, network communications, and associated SCADA and HMI. It is our role to design, build, and install the automation and control elements required for your specific application and its unique needs.

Typical scope for an E-house is as follows:

  • A metal house suited to the environment
  • Cable trays, wire ways, computer floor, modular design
  • Battery systems, alarm systems, fire protection, CCTV system, HVAC and building peripherals (3rd part)
  • Switchgear LV, MV, and HV (arc flash)
  • MV and LV transformers
  • LV and MV motor control centers (intellicenter)
  • MV and LV variable frequency drives
  • Overall turn-key solution
  • SCADA system
  • Tailored to your application, specifications, and regional standards

Depending on the application and the industry, this type of enclosure may also be called an RIE (remote instrument enclosure). RIEs and E-houses offer several advantages to in-facility systems for the appropriate applications:

  • One supplier (single point of responsibility)E-House interior
  • Reduced project cycle time
  • Space saving, typically outside, away from the facility
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Turn-key solution from automation contractor providing project management, engineering, and installation, including any 3rd party integration
  • Adherance to various industry standards: chemical/WWW specifications and federal mandates
  • Special enclosures available: Class 1 Div 2, Outdoor, Nema 4 AC, Special Environment, Blast Resistant, etc.
  • Project managers PMI certified

Some examples of E-house projects we've delivered include the following:

  • Port of Miami Tunnel project (see photos this page)--E-house served conveyors removing muck from tunnel boring machine and was able to be repositioned as needed to serve both directions of the tunneling process
  • Mining and mineral processing application--located in Kazakhstan, E-house contains MCC with VFDs, SCADA, and computer with graphical interface
  • Shredder application--contains power distribution and controls for screening systems on NY power plant water intake

We purchase the E-house shells in variety of sizes and configurations to fit most any application. For such projects, we often have the bare containers with AC and lighting shipped to our location, where we install and test the remaining control systems.

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