Automation Solutions for EPCs

For our EPC clients, our position as an automation EPC dovetails nicely with your capabilities. We are able to self-perform the industrial electrical installation portion of the automation elements of your project, in addition to doing the design and procurement for those elements. This eliminates the need for you to hire seperate sub-contractors to handle the design and manufacture of the control panels for your project and the electrical installation work associated with those panels. You already know that having these different functions performed by a single entity saves you time and money, as well as reducing the operational friction that often ensues with multiple contractors being involved. 

All of our services are available to our EPC clients, in any combination. We will provide the FEED+ study and provide you with a bidable project scope. We can design the entire system or build panels based on design by your engineers, applying our value engineering skills in the process to help identify additional savings for you (and your client).

The FEED+ study is the typical starting point for an EPC project. A primary deliverable from this study is a detailed scope of work, one that takes into account all of the work required for the electrical installation segments of the project, something often overlooked by basic FEED studies. By taking electrical installation into account, we can provide a more accurate estimate to go along with the detaiied scope of work. 

By selecting us for the control system portion of your EPC project, you will be hiring a firm that is not only qualified in industrial automation and controls but also well versed in implementing EPC projects, particularly on large scale projects where EPC produces the greatest benefits.

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