Founded in 1980 as a panel shop, our early work was mostly in the water and wastewater industries. Between 1986 and 1993, additional partners were brought in that strengthened the company in the areas of engineering, estimating, computers, and networking.

1995 saw the beginning of a series of strategic acquisitions with the purchase of M&A Controls, a ten-person division of a local electrical distributor. The purchase brought in a number of quality, well-trained employees who have been significant contributors to the company.

In 1998, we purchased the assets of the blower division of Gardner Denver Controls. This small organization was located in Syracuse, New York, and provided the electrical controls, engineering, and start-up support services for the industrial blowers manufactured by Gardner Denver. The purchase did not involve acquiring any new employees, but it provided us with a substantial OEM customer and expanded our technology base.

1999 was a watershed year in the acquisition process, with two key purchases taking place. The first was Southern Engineering & Equipment Company (SEECO). This 20-person firm specialized in medium and high voltage systems for power distribution and packaged steam-turbine generator systems for cogeneration applications.

The second acquisition of the year was Multitech Systems, a nine-person company that also did systems integration work. This purchase was implemented primarily to acquire the excellent engineering talent of the company, and it also brought us a large OEM customer.

1999 also saw the beginning of our involvement with CSIA (Control System Integrators Association) and the valuable learning process that evolved from the associated certification process. This involvement ultimately led to our participation as a founding member of Automation Alliance Group, an affiliation of multiple system integrators that provided each with an expanded pool of shared resources and more opportunities to pursue national and international clients.

In 2002, we began a strategic refocusing on markets in which we could best leverage our experience and skills. This involved dropping some non-productive or marginally producing markets. Also in 2002, Revere was named a finalist in the Alabama Technology Network’s Manufacturer of the Year competition. Significant expansion began in 2004 as we improved our sales processes in the water/wastewater market and re-emphasized pursuit of opportunities in a variety of industrial markets. This expansion involved successive record years for orders and a more than 30 percent growth in personnel, plus a significantly larger client base. Throughout the company’s history, we have been blessed to be able to attract key people of an unselfish nature who have demonstrated great dedication and capacity to assume responsibility.

At the 30-year point, we implemented a redesigned logo, creating a cleaner, more contemporary look, and accompanying redesigns of all our literature and advertising programs. We also entered into agreement with a major national industrial products distributor to allow their sales force to offer our control system integration services to their customer base, expanding their offering from parts to systems and expanding our potential customer base. 2013 saw major expansion with the opening of offices in Lakeland, FL, Chattanooga, TN, and Charlotte, NC, allowing us to put personnel much closer to our customer base.

As we reach our 35th anniversary, we are continuing to grow in size, order volume, and market penetration. We have gained experience in significant new markets such as bio-fuels, clean air, and pipelines, while still maintaining our position as the premier system integrator for water and wastewater systems in the Southeast. With the addition of an office in Texarkana, TX, we have made a major increase in our capabilities to perform turn-key, design-build automation projects and position ourselves as a true automation EPC provider.

Our relationship as one of the owners of the AAG gives us access to international markets and resources. This allows us to serve multinational customers with local installation and service wherever they have plants, while maintaining the same high level of quality and service they would receive if we were performing the work directly, but adhering to local regulations and customs.

Yet all of this growth has not compromised our core principles, and our brand still stands for quality, integrity, responsiveness, and lowered customer risk