• Industrial Network & Cyber Security Services

Industrial Network & Cyber Security Services

We offer a full range of technology services aimed at making your business perform more efficiently and securely. Our knowledge and experience let us tailor hardware and software solutions to fit your ever-changing technology needs.

Network and Security Audits

Just like your industrial equipment, your network can become outdated, inefficient, and vulnerable without proper maintenance. Each year, billions of dollars are lost due to unplanned downtime and network inefficiency. Our expertsA man sketches an imaginary network diagram in midair will:

  • Document and diagram your system
  • Review hardware and configurations to discover any security vulnerabilities
  • Analyze performance and determine points of inefficiency
  • Provide recommendations to optimize your network’s stability and productivity

Performance Analytics

Industrial operations produce more raw data now than at
any time in history, and having a powerful network capabale
of managing that data has become a necessity in today’s
business world. We can harness that raw data and turn it into
actionable insights to give your business an edge by:

  • Designing and installing state of the art layered networks to increase your network’s security and performance
  • Developing KPIs and dashboards that allows you to make decisions based on your own company’s data, not general industry trends or suggestionsA man looks at a floating graphic representing computer security

Cyber Security

The internet is vital to business, yet most companies don’t adequately manage the daily threats of being connected to the internet. Your intellectual property and physical equipment depend on the cyber security you choose to keep your business running. As ISA/IEC 62443-certified professionals, we will do whatever it takes to secure your network, including:

  • Security plan design and device hardening
  • Installation of switches and firewall security hardware
  • Off-site backups for disaster recovery
  • Network monitoring and alerting with SolarWinds
  • ROVER, our proprietary remote management/maintenance tool
  • Sole source IT support, serving as a virtual IT department for all IT issues

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