Industrial Network & Wireless Solutions

cybernetworkThe backbone of a plant’s technology is the industrial network across which its many systems communicate with each other. The efficiency of this network is critical to the speed of operation and interaction of all the systems, not just the control systems. Our network experts can analyze your network’s performance, identifying areas for improvement and designing and implementing solutions for inefficiencies. See our presentation on Modern Network Technologies for information on the many areas of improvement available. Additionally, we often find that cabling is a common problem source and a weak link in the security of a network. Reference our Secure Network Infrastructure presentation for more information on this subject.

wireless systemsIn addition to cabling and networking expertise, we have extensive experience in wireless technologies, from radio to cellular to wi-fi, and can identify areas of your network’s operation where such technologies can save you costs and improve overall performance. Our knowledge can be applied to communications needs within your plant, in intra-campus applications, as well as for those needs that involve geographically dispersed or remote locations.

Contact us for an assessment of your network to see if improvements are available and if wireless may be an appropriate technology for your particular situation.

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