Legacy Controls Migration

legacy controls migration--before & afterLegacy control systems migration is one element of an overall modernization strategy that may include several pieces. These include network virtualization and cyber security, attraction of a millenial workforce, and a focus on ROI as it relates to modernization. All are important, but legacy migration forms the core.

If you are an owner of one of the thousands of installed legacy control systems, you have probably already encountered one or more of the challenges associated with keeping such systems working. These include the following:

  • Obsolete/manufacture-discontinued parts that are increasingly difficult and expensive to replace when failures occur
  • Outdated software that can’t support expansion or new capabilities
  • Exposure to security risks because such legacy systems were never designed to address the risks present in today’s interconnected world

We have lots of experience migrating legacy control systems to newer platforms. And we do it without interrupting service in your operations, a critical consideration when making a decision to implement legacy migration. Some legacy migration projects are as follows:

  • North Carolina Water Treatment Plant: A multi-platform legacy controls migration project that included PLC control panels, PLC/HMI programming, testing, electrical installation, panel modifications, startup, and commissioning; with a SCADA network incorporating communication traffic control and network security. We served as general contractor and maintained uninterrupted operations of their working plant.
  • New Jersey pipe manufacturer: replaced 10-year-old PLC platform to reduce maintenance related downtime of the oven. Accomplished during scheduled down time, during which they also performed maintenance on the oven. Old hardware was replaced without replacing existing panels. Included Panelview+ and Wonderware HMI platforms.
  • Tennessee-based manufacturer of artificial sweetner: performed four projects that migrated from old ControlLogix platform to new iFix, with PanelView+ HMI, for packaging elements of the plant. These included the bagger, the paletizer, and the shrink wrapper.

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