Corporate literature about our services and capabilities is available in downloadable PDF versions. Simply click on the item you want.

Corporate Brochure: Overview of capabilities and experience

Support Services Brochure: Description of available support services 

Metals Brochure: Focus on expertise in the metals/foundry industry

Power and Control Systems Brochure: Focus on expertise in the utility power industry

Bulk Material Handling Brochure: Focus on handling systems in multiple industries

Pump Controls Brochure: Focus on expertise in the field of pump controls and monitoring

Scalable SCADA Brochure: Focus on expertise in wireless SCADA

Simulation Testing Flyer: Description of the purpose and benefits of simulation testing

Software Development Flyer: Description of software development capabilities

Engineering and Design Flyer: Description of expertise in areas of engineering and design

E-House Configurations: Description of capabilities to produce E-houses

Arc Flash Services Flyer: Description of services related to arc flash

Arc Flash Compliance Program: Description of arc flash 5-year compliance program

Arc Flash Training Flyer: Description of arc flash 4-hour training course

Build to Print Flyer: Description of services related to build-to-print offering

PLC Modernization Program

Profile-Industrial Flyer: Company overview with industrial sales contacts

Profile-Municipal Flyer: Company overview with municipal sales contacts

Profile-OEM Flyer: Company overview with OEM sales contacts

REX Brochure: Focus on features and benefits of REX customer portal

Enclosure Work Center Flyer: Description of capabilities of CNC system

Design-Build Flyer

FEED+ Study

Project Management Flyer

OEM Services 

Machine Safety Overview

Textile Industry Experience Summary

Strategic Roadmap on the Energy Water Nexus

Design Example Flyers: Brief descriptions of specific types of systems provided

18-Pulse Drives

250 Vdc Starters

5 kv Switchgear

600 v Motor Control Center

AC Drives

Aeration Pond Controls

Automatic Transfer Switching

Blower Monitor

Blower Starter

Booster Pump System

Clarifier Control

Conveyor Controls

Float System

Grit & Grease Removal

Mining Control Systems

Motor Starter

Production Hoist Controls

Pump/Conveyor Controls

Quick Ship Performance

Rock Dust Tank & Discharge

Sand Filtration

SY/MAX to Quantum PLC Conversion

Triplex Pumps MCC

Vector Winch Control

Ventilation Fan Control

VFD Bypass System

Duplex 200 hp VFD System

Duplex 40 hp Bubbler VFD System

Remote Lighting Controls (Municipal)