Pipeline Systems Automation & Process Control

Pipeline industryPipeline networks are a key driver in the oil and gas industries, and their safe and successful operation depends on intelligently designed and strategically implemented process and automation controls. Our extensive familiarity with oil and gas pipeline automation makes us uniquely qualified to design and build controls, programming solutions, and wireless monitors/control systems. We also engineer and implement turnkey control systems, helping oil and gas companies minimize risks and expenditures while maximizing available resources.

Our aim is to help pipeline owners and operators modernize their pipeline automation systems through better connectivity for monitoring and controlling operations with a focus on the major challenges being faced across the industry.

  • Control room management using improved collection and visualization
  • Flexibility to meet changing commodity prices and demands
  • Safety and reliability/maintenance issues
  • Facing growing security issues and shifting regulations

Leverage Our Experience in the Oil & Gas Pipeline Industry

Additional qualifications and specific areas of expertise include:

  • Distribution center controls. Regional distribution centers play a crucial role in the oil and gas distribution process. Their successful management of incoming and outgoing product requires high-performing, reliable pipeline SCADA systems, which we design, engineer, refine and implement.
  • Booster pumps. A central feature of pumping stations, booster pumps are used to supplement full head and half stage pumps. Booster pumps redirect stored product from onsite tanks back into the main line network, where it can then be redistributed to refineries and consumers. Our solutions provide precision regulation of product distribution.
  • Wireless monitors/control systems. Wireless capabilities have become a key performance feature of next-generation pipeline systems, and our team offers cutting-edge expertise in the design and implementation of wireless pipeline SCADA and pipeline control systems.
  • Emergency shutdown systems. For the safety of employees and public alike, responsive and effective shutdown systems are of critical importance.

In addition to these areas of expertise, we also have a proven track record of strong performance in the design and implementation of gas odorizer systems, along with a keen understanding of radio dispatch best practices and red dye control methods. To learn more, schedule a consultation, or obtain a project estimate, please contact a Revere representative today. 

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