Mining & Mineral Processing Control Systems

E-house for barite mineOur mining and quarrying industry experience spans decades, and we've created control systems for companies from Canada to South America. Industry-specific services for mining and mineral processing enterprises include design-build capabilities for custom equipment, process automation systems, and engineering solutions for superior efficiency and operational optimization. We also offer FEED+© studies that incorporate the needs of both design and constructability.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we bring a thorough understanding of the demanding field conditions and exacting specifications required for mining and mineral processing applications. Our suite of solutions drives client efficiency, boosts profitability and allows businesses to focus on improving their competitive standing.

Proven Solutions for the Mining & Quarrying Industries

We have experience building control systems for a broad spectrum of mining and quarrying applications, including:

  • Power distribution. The efficient, proportional distribution of power across operational systems is crucial to the successful completion of both field and plant tasks. We optimize your power delivery systems to control costs while supporting full functionality.
  • vector winch controller, skid mountedConveyor systems. Complex conveyor systems are vital to the success of mining and the processing of raw materials. We create strategy-driven solutions based on your specific needs, whether  for overland or below ground systems.
  • Materials sizing systems. Materials sizing plays a major role in mineral processing, and solutions must be carefully executed to account for environmental safety, site conditions, ore and mineral properties, and end product requirements—all while taking energy and maintenance costs into consideration.
  • Preparation plants. Prep plants demand elaborate system automation equipment to govern the efficient cleaning, crushing and grading of raw materials to keep costs as low as possible while preparing mined raw materials for the market.
  • Stockout/reclaim systems. Blended coal has made a major comeback in recent years, and its continued appeal depends on efficient stockout and reclaiming systems. We help companies design new facilities and upgrade existing plants to achieve your competitive objectives.
  • Portability. This industry often requires control systems to move with a plant's operations. We have extensive experience with portability, from simple skid mounting of control panels to complete e-houses that offer large, multi-panel systems and power distribution arrangements in an enclosed environment.

In addition to these capabilities, we are also proud to hold UL-698A panel shop certification, making us uniquely qualified to design and build control panels for hazardous environments.

A sampling of projects we’ve completed includes the following:

  • E-house for barite mining and processing operation in Kazakhstan, containing MCC with VFDs, and SCADA
  • Production hoist controls for underground coal mine in Alabama included control panel linking hoist drives, operator console, hoist brake controls, and related field equipment, completely revamping the mine’s most vital operation
  • Dual 300hp, 995 volt, skid-mount motor starter for underground coal handling conveyor system
  • Vector winch controller for belt conveyor, to apply constant torque to the winch drive mechanism over a variable speed range and featured closed-loop flux vector control, motor overload protection, dynamic braking, and auto-tune capabilities
  • rock dust tank and discharge systemVentilation fan control for underground coal mine, for 4160 volt, 2500hp ventilation fan, with fan blade pitch control and Ethernet communications to the main controller via fiber optic cable
  • E-house providing MCC and VFDs for conveyors removing muck extracted by a tunnel boring machine at the Port of Miami Tunnel project

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