Natural Gas SCADA Systems

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Natural gas is distributed to customers in one of two ways. First, customers can have gas routed to their homes directly from high-capacity pipelines. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based automation systems are one of the most common technologies found in pipelines. Second, and more commonly, a provider distributes natural gas to homes in a given geographic region. In both cases, highly evolved control systems are needed to regulate the safe and efficient distribution of energy, whether it's going directly to end consumers or being aggregated to the inventory of a local provider.

Our professionals support a complete spectrum of design, engineering and construction services for natural gas distribution control systems. With specific expertise in the fields of utility interfaces, SCADA systems, and sliding window demand, we create effective regulation and monitoring systems that (1) reduce costs, (2) monitor usage with precision metrics and (3) improve overall distribution efficiency.

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