Oil & Gas Automation Systems

Oil and gas extraction, processing and transportation are complex applications that place stringent demands on the automation and control systems employed to make those processes function effectively and efficiently. Environments can be challenging. Safety is a huge concern. Regulations are demanding. Up time is critical.

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At Revere, we thrive on the difficult and the challenging projects in the oil & gas automation industry. Our expertise and experience in the oil & gas industry is extensive.

Our underlying goal throughout all projects is risk mitigation by identifying the aspects of each project that contribute to risk and taking action to eliminate or reduce such risks. We accomplish that in many ways, including the FEED+© study at the outset of a project, and the design-build project delivery method that unifies the engineering and construction elements to provide single source responsibility and accountability.

frack sand mining operation

Oil & Gas Applications

  • Frac sand mining & processing-sizing and coating sand particles in preparation for hydraulic fracturing use
  • Gas processing and midstream processing-addressing safety, reliability, and security of transmission
  • Pipeline control & monitoring-reliably detect leaks, damage, and theft that are risks to safe operations
  • Natural gas distribution-regulation and monitoring flow to improve distribution efficiency
  • Compression & pump station control-monitor and control critical junctions in oil and gas handling
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) handling-maintaining temperature and pressure parameters is critical to safe handling

Our project participation includes centralized automation and control, oilfield SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, vibration monitoring, electrical load monitoring, industrial networking optimization and security, flow monitoring, motor control centers, pump controls, measurement systems, and instrumentation integration. We are also available to perform a full range of field services, including 24/7 maintenance availability, checkout, startup, calibration and outage support. We also offer a full range of project life cycle services to our clients.

Midstream Automation Experience

Our experience in the liquids and gas transportation and storage segment makes us a perfect choice for midstream applications. Our gathering system and transportation pipeline experience includes:

  • Low pressure and high pressure gathering systems pipeline SCADA control and monitoring
  • Pump stations electrical, instrumentation, and control design and implementation
  • Transmission compressor control, electrical and automation design and implementation
  • Transmission SCADA, host and RTU, and wireless communications systems
  • Lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) instrumentation, electrical, and control design and implementation
  • Gas transmission metering station RTU design
  • Alarm management for liquids gathering and transmission SCADA

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