Industrial Risk Mitigation

risk management & mitigationA fundamental principle underlying the work we do is that of risk mitigation: doing the things and providing the value added elements that minimize risk to our clients. These include the following:

  • Financial strength and company size—with a $20 million bonding capacity, $35 million in sales, and a multi-million-dollar backlog, we are a company with the financial strength and the resources to see your project through to completion. We have never abandoned a job, even those that were costing us money.
  • Quality and safety standards and processes—both of these are critical to risk mitigation for our customers, and for us. We have a full-time compliance officer implementing and enforcing the standards and processes that produce the highest levels of quality and safe operations, both on the job site and within our own facilities.
  • Industry expertise—within our focus industries, we have decades of experience, addressing the special challenges that each industry presents to automation and control systems implementation. We know the processes and the equipment and what’s required to interface, monitor, and control both. This experience assures a system design and implementation that works the way you want it to.
  • Automation depth—in addition to more than 35 years of automation experience addressing many types of applications challenges and working with multiple vendors, we have a world-wide network of resources we can draw on to fill in the gaps or to augment our own experience. When a mineral processing project being installed in Russia required HMI screens to be in Russian, our AAG partner in Russia provided that expertise. When a pipe manufacturer wanted to implement MES in conjunction with the controls we were doing, one of our US AAG partners provided that expertise. When a large municipal water/wastewater project needed programming done on an Australian brand PLC, our Australian AAG partner provided the expertise. Your project will not lack the expertise needed to make it successful.
  • Project management—our dedicated, PMI-certified project managers are assigned to each project to assure adherence to schedule, to budget, and to system performance. They are your point of contact for any issues that arise, with responsibility for providing solutions and assuring your satisfaction.
  • Scalable engineering and installation services—we have almost 100 employees involved in engineering, design, and other technical functions, providing a large array of resources to apply to any given project. This allows us to scale up and schedule in the people needed to keep your project on schedule.
  • REX collaboration portal for project information sharing—one of the best ways to mitigate project risk is to assure good communications and access to information. Our REX collaboration portal is a secure project data repository, providing access to all your project data, for as long as you need it. This may include drawings, bills of material, schedules, and correspondence. Even programs. This not only reduces risk during a project, but throughout the life cycle of that project by improving maintainability through the years.


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