Electric Utility Automation Systems Integration

Our control systems design, engineering, and integration experts offer decades of experience in the utilities industry, applying proven practices to solve client needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our thorough familiarity with utility plant operations and control systems includes specific experience with:

  • Control systems for boilers & turbine generators
  • Pumping operations
  • Substation design, security & automation
  • Bulk material handling for fuel feed systems

Utility Power Industry Services

Our flexible suite of services includes the ability to team up with consulting and engineering firms, as well as the capability to work directly with utility providers to design new systems and upgrade existing infrastructure. We provide equipment and system design services, control and automation support, and design-build construction resources.

Specifically, we support the following specialized areas of expertise:

  • Protective relay systems. These fault-detecting devices are integral to the safe and efficient operation of utility systems, particularly in the field of hydroelectric power generation. When properly deployed, protective relay systems reduce costs and maintenance requirements, enabling clients to maximize capital efficiency.
  • DC motor controls. Supporting rotary motion applications, DC motor controls regulate translational motion to achieve carefully controlled and balanced power output.
  • Medium-voltage metal-clad switchgear modifications. These elaborate but essential networks of fuses, circuit breakers, and disconnect controls protect electrical generation and delivery equipment, helping personnel quickly isolate and solve faults and maintain high levels of performance and reliability.
  • PLC systems. Programmable logic control systems form an essential part of frontline process regulation, providing scalable optimization and enhanced security. The Revere team is particularly skilled at designing intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, boosting functionality and eliminating redundancies.

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