Wastewater & Municipal Water Control Systems

Our quality control, process automation, engineering and design-build construction experts have been serving the municipal water supply and wastewater industries since 1980. Our team offers elite credentials Water storage tankthat help clients address system performance and quality control issues across a comprehensive spectrum of industry-specific processes.

Safety, efficiency, and reliability are the three pillars of a well-designed municipal water/wastewater system. Our engineering and project management team leverages extensive experience in system design best practices, supported by an ever-evolving understanding of established and emerging technological tools.

Today, municipal water/wastewater systems are typically controlled and monitored by a network of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and operator terminals. These central control systems must be carefully engineered for accuracy and user friendliness, and telemetry (radio/cellular) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technologies need to be carefully integrated for unified performance.

We help clients achieve these objectives through value engineering, extensive simulation testing, thorough documentation practices, and proven long-term maintenance strategies. Our extensive credentials are supported by Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) certification, and we offer particular expertise in remote telemetry, pump controls, blower systems, and PLC/HMI programming.

Municipal Water Treatment & Distribution Services

Reverse osmosis membrane skidsOur specific experience includes successful projects in the following areas:

  • Well and surface source pumps
  • Filter consoles
  • Purification systems
  • Chemical treatment
  • Degasifiers
  • Reverse osmosis
  • In-plant and remote pump controls
  • Tank level monitoring

Waste Water Collection and Treatment Applications

3D HMI graphicsOur specific waste water industry experience includes successful projects in the following areas:

  • Blowers
  • Raw sewage lift stations
  • Headworks
  • Screening
  • Aeration basins
  • Dissolved oxygen controls
  • Clarifiers
  • Dewatering & effluent systems
  • Grit & grease removal


Professional Service Agreements

Many municipalities are turning to this approach for addressing ongoing needs for water/wastewater plants. Such agreements provide reliable and consistent performance in a timely manner with controllable and predictable cost structures. A draft agreement is customized based on discussions with the municipality regarding their specific needs. The agreements may cover all types of work activity on all of their control systems, including emergency support and training of operations personnel. Term lengths and renewal conditions are part of the negotiations.

Project Examples

Following are examples of recent projects.

Filter panel interiorCary, NC--Water Treatment Plant: A multi-platform legacy controls migration project that included PLC control panels, PLC/HMI programming, testing, electrical installation, panel modifications, startup, and commissioning; with a SCADA network incorporating communication traffic control and network security. We served as general contractor and maintained uninterrupted operations of their working plant.

Seminole County, FL--Multiple WT and WWT plants plus collection systems: Covered two water treatment plants and two wastewater treatment plants; included instrumentation, PLC control panels, PLC/HMI programming, testing, startup, and commissioning, plus cellular communications for multiple pump stations, lift stations and well sites. We served as both the general contractor and the sub.

Statesboro, GA--Water Distribution and WWTP upgrades plus collection and water distribution systems: Included instrumentation, PLC control panels, PLC/HMI programming, testing, startup, and commissioning for telemetry system with 32 lift stations, 5 elevated water storage tanks, 6 wells, and 1 water reuse system. Served as both general contractor and sub for this continuing project, with our involvement dating from 2007. Currently converting radio telemetry platform to cellular-based system and upgrading SCADA HMI software.

City of Auburn, AL--Professional Services Agreement: Professional services for the City's W/WW SCADA system, covering configuration, maintenance, trouble shooting, diagnostics, programming, upgrades, documentation, and training, plus providing emergency support services to the City as required.

Tres Rios (Ina Road), AZ--New wastewater treatment plant: included field instrumentation and control panels, on-site coordination, checkout, and startup for 14 PLC control panels, 10 chemical metering pump control panels, more than 150 control stations, and approximately 800 loop drawings. We served as a subcontractor for this $3.9 million project.

Ft. Polk, LA--Two new wastewater treatment plants: $2.3 million project to design, build, and install control systems for two wastewater treatment facilities for this military base. Included field instrumentation, PLC panels, computer hardware and software, spare parts, and O&M documentation.During the installation, startup, and commissioning phase, we performed a detailed I/O checkout, calibration of all field instruments, and verification of communications and functional control strategies.

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