Wireless Communication Architecture

small remoteOur philosophy on wireless communication architecture is based on a principle of scalability. Allowing you to start at a size that meets your existing needs and then grow your system as your needs grow. Cost effectively. Our wireless SCADA offerings focus on several common capabilities, as follows:

  • Cellular technology--This fast growing trend in wireless SCADA offers simplicity and low costs, and it's available in all of the size ranges that we offer.
  •  Web-based HMI--Use any web-enabled device, from PCs to smart phones, to access HMI screens for your system and interact with the system in real time to change set points, turn devices on and off, view historical data, and extract reports. The HMI is user configurable and security controlled.
  • Remote Panel Text messaging and e-mail alarming--the built-in dialer can work with either a direct Ethernet connection or a cellular connection to provide text messages or e-mails  of alarm conditions. Up to 500 alarms are supported, and they can be grouped according to who needs to see them (security, maintenance, operations, etc.). Alarm sequences can be repeated until the alarm is acknowledged and/or cleared. Additionally, e-mail and text messaging can be used to send commands to examine variables, operate equipment, and alter set points and alarming thresholds.
  • Historical trending--The history capabilities include real-time monitoring plus years of historical data that can be displayed as a spread sheet and also as a historical trending chart.
  • Wireless monitoring and control--All of your remote equipment can be monitored controlled from a master unit, which in turn communicates with an operator position. Applications include tanks and pumps: engines, generators, and compressors; and irrigation controls.

Solar powered siteSystem size is not an issue. We have experience with systems that involve only a handful of remote units to those involving hundreds of remote positions. We are also very experienced with incorporating solar power wherever other power sources are not available or where a back-up source is needed.

Additionally, we offer 5-year SCADA planning services and radio path survey and field testing services.





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