Month: June 2019

Do You Need PLC Redundancy?

Recently, we worked with a client suffering from substantial downtime issues primarily due to I/O failures. They had a redundant PLC system, and though it hadn’t malfunctioned, it was at end-of-life, so they contracted us to modernize their entire plant. As part of that process, they asked whether they should continue to use a redundant PLC…
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How Do You Talk About Your Company?

By Greg Graves, VP of Sales and Marketing   Did you know that Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975? By 1989, they’d created the first DSLR camera. However, they refused to sell it because they were afraid it would cannibalize their film business. The problem is that Kodak fundamentally misunderstood the value they provided…
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Hire the Passionate Person

By Greg Graves, VP of Sales and Marketing   I started to call this post, “Leelon Loves Wastewater”, but that wasn’t quite it. I changed it to “Leelon Loves the Wastewater Industry”, but that didn’t sit right either. The truth is, Leelon Scott loves people who happen to work in the wastewater industry. Colin Powell…
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