Month: January 2021

Safety Stock Calculation and Reducing Supply Chain Risk

The shockwaves felt from the COVID-19 pandemic have left uncertainty in the air—and shelves bare. While it’s an extreme case, panic buying left its imprint on the supply chain, leaving those behind the scenes scrambling to satisfy demand.  The period of panic consumerism born from COVID-19 helped underscore the need for a supply chain safety…
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SCADA Is Changing—Here’s How

When talking about technology, fast-paced change is the name of the game. SCADA is no different. For decades, SCADA has been a critical piece of many automation systems, with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) only increasing SCADA’s potential value and impact in the automation field. But the increased inclusion of IIoT gives both returns…
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The Difference Between Microcontrollers and PLCs

Look in almost any automated factory today and you’re bound to see machinery running on PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Their rugged durability has made them prime assets on production floors. Another contender, microcontrollers, carry very similar functionality to PLCs—and also have their uses.  But while this small, single-chip computing device has an edge on PLCs…
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