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3 Ways We Eliminate Distance in Support

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to support our customers quickly and effectively, no matter where they are. Revere works hard to be responsive to your needs to ensure that you know one thing: if you’re a Revere customer, you’re covered. Startups can be anywhere in the world. Downtime is inevitable for any plant, and it can be extremely costly and frustrating. We use a variety of tools to save you money and bring you automation peace of mind, whether you’re on a startup or just needing to get back online. Today, let’s look at three of our primary difference makers.

Control Program Access via VPN

One of our first lines of response when our customers have an issue is to utilize a VPN connection to inspect and troubleshoot the control system’s programming. VPN access allows us to review, diagnose, and sometimes resolve the issue without ever having to leave the office. If the problem can be fixed remotely, this is a huge cost savings for our clients. Even if it can’t, doing initial troubleshooting and analysis remotely gives us insight into what we believe the problem could be; this way, site visits are as efficient and effective as possible, rather than waiting until we’re on-site to begin diagnosing your issue.

5 Locations and Remote Field Service Techs

Our headquarters is in Birmingham, Alabama. But nearly all our customers are outside of Birmingham. What if you have a startup or an issue at a plant that can’t be resolved remotely and isn’t particularly close to Birmingham? We’ve got 4 remote offices and field service techs scattered throughout our footprint to ensure that no matter where you are, we’re not far away. You can see on the map below that we’re spread all through the region, giving you automation peace of mind.

AAG Membership

The Automation Alliance Group (AAG) is a consortium of leading control systems integrators from around the globe, helping customers drive quality, consistency, and productivity. Revere is proud to be a founding member of the AAG. Alliance members are spread internationally, which means that wherever your project is, Revere can utilize our partners to help reduce your business risk, lower your implementation costs, and improve the service operations in your global markets, all while driving improved return on your investment. We’ve helped our customers execute projects across the United States and the world, from California to Kazakhstan to Serbia. Wherever you go, Revere is ready to help you be successful.

One of Revere’s core values is “Conscientious”, and it really speaks to our desire to serve you wherever you are. We’re proactively planning how we can provide you with the service you need at a cost that’s reasonable. Service isn’t our profit driver, and we don’t want it to be. As our mission statement says, we’re driven to engineer better lives through automation services. Part of that promise is making sure that your automation helps you meet your business goals and provides peace of mind. After all, isn’t peace of mind the reason you choose automation in the first place?