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5 Questions a Good Control Systems Integrator Should Answer

Control systems integration calls for both experience and efficiency to ensure a project’s success. Staying under budget, within deadlines, and in line with (or even above) expectations depends on a qualified control systems integrator who knows the keys to successful integration. As you vet prospective control systems specialists, they should answer these core questions. 

How Has Your Experience Primed You for My Project? 

Asking this question will help clue you in to the relevant experience level a control systems integrator has—and can even help glean information about their specific process, too. 

For instance, here at Revere Control Systems, we’d tell you about our experience, because we’ve virtually seen it all. Our extensive industry experience—four decades worth now—has primed us for all kinds of applications, which allows us to crossover with ease. To drive home this point, we’d motion to our deep archive of case studies that range a number of sectors and materials: metals, engineering, mining and mineral, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, water and wastewater, OEM, and wood products. As we’ve mentioned, our versatility is really a boon to you—it means we’re never at a loss for how to handle your automation, no matter the application. 

With our experience, we also know not all projects look the same; true copy-paste is rarely a winning solution in automation. Our follow-up to this question will be simple and straight to the point: what’s your vision? Once we’ve nailed this down, we can talk at even greater length about how our experience and process will streamline your project. 

What Makes You Certain You Can Meet Deadlines?

Missed deadlines mean lost money for you and lost trust in us. Schedule integrity is critical to a successful control systems integration, especially if project parameters dictate it. This question gives an idea of capacity and organization size. 

For us at Revere, we would answer this question by charting our impressive facility size, along with our breadth and depth of engineers and specialists. Our primary headquarters in Hoover, AL boasts 64,000 square feet of shop and electrical engineering space to complete our tasks. Plus, we’ve got a deep bench. We have more than 200 employees, with a dedicated team of highly trained and qualified control systems engineers. Our workplace, paired with our workforce, makes us more than certain we can complete your project on time. 

How Are You When It Comes to Safety? 

Safety rests at the root of project success. However, not every systems integrator has the ability to directly influence the safety of your team for the better

Revere is a world-class systems integrator, but thanks to our in-house construction capabilities, we’re in tune with safety concerns in a way others can’t be. And it’s a mark we’re exceedingly proud to bear. Safety is more than an afterthought or add-on: it’s a core tenet built into our process. Zero incidents remains a top target objective—along with budget and time. To do this, we continually track performance and training, partner with independent compliance agencies, and enact a Safety Action Plan on site. Safety is steeped in every detail of our process, from conception to completion. 

What’s Your Communication and Documentation Process Like?

Asking about communication up front can alleviate stress later on in the project’s lifespan. Probing about documentation also points to the potential partner’s accountability protocol. After all, it’s your project; shouldn’t you always know where it stands?

Revere strives to proactively ensure strong lines of communication open from the get-go, and all throughout project life as well. Our project promise includes “Always Informed” because we understand that partners that communicate together, succeed together. Stiffing client questions, concerns, and feedback isn’t our style, and decades of clients back us up on that. Rest assured—we’ll keep you in the know. 

Even the best control systems will eventually need work of some kind done to them. The formula is simple: more documentation now, less pain then. We offer detailed documentation for all our systems, keeping you the expert on your system well into the future. 

What Happens After the Fact?

While follow-through is important, follow-up is the final element in a successful relaunch and total project success.

For Revere, after-project support is the bow on top. Our extensive engineering team provides support, including training, remote or on-site servicing, troubleshooting, and more. Plus, our breadth of staff affords us the ability to field requests and tackle tickets in a timely fashion. Crossing the finish line doesn’t fulfill project completion; at Revere, systems upkeep and care stay tied to total project success. 

Link Up With Revere

The keys to successful control systems integration rest in experience and efficiency, both of which Revere Control Systems supplies. For systems integration that makes sense across the board, partner with us at Revere. We carry decades of experience, the know-how to see your project through to completion, and the talent and time to dedicate to your systems. Glimpse an even broader impression of Revere in our blog and reach out to us today for qualified project support.