7 Steps to Gird for Ransomware Battle

Twenty seconds passed as my computer screen showed a steady stream of system files being locked, one by one. An employee had called and requested help because he couldn’t seem to access a file he needed. I discovered, unfortunately, our company was being attacked by ransomware. Two questions immediately ran through my mind: If we pay, won’t this increase the incentive to attack us again? How can our company financially survive attacks on our system if we have to pay these ransoms?

Despite the fact that the FBI at that time recommended we pay the ransom for the key to unlock the encrypted files and move on, my team and I resolved not to pay and planned our defense strategy. As it turned out, we needed to defend ourselves against ransomware twice in the last 17 months. External warnings and internal experience have taught us this: Ransomware is a force to be reckoned with in manufacturing.


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