About Us

Our Story

Bob Adams founded Revere in 1980 with two goals:

  • Leverage automation to make the world a better place
  • Serve people around him by creating opportunities for good people to have good jobs doing good work

He set out to build a company with a uniquely service-oriented mindset. His vision was clear: a place where employees flourished, innovation thrived, and customers were delighted. As we’ve grown over the years, that initial mandate to serve has remained the cornerstone of our culture.

If you want to understand what powers us, you need to understand what we believe:

We believe humans exist to serve others. Our highest calling and deepest satisfaction are found in contributing to a purpose greater than ourselves.

We strive to serve people around us in all aspects of our lives by embodying three character traits:
Humble. Driven. Conscientious.

This people-centric service mindset is the core of what we do. To read more about the impact we’ve enabled our customers to make on the world, check out the Our Impact page.

We recognized early on that although our customers need world-class automation to maximize their impact on the world, implementing it is tough to do alone. That’s why we’ve chosen to become one of the world’s leading automation system integrators.

The complexity of today’s greenfield and modernization projects introduces a lot of risk into the process. We’ve recognized that more than needing an automation vendor, our customers need a partner. Someone who’s thinking ahead, looking around the corner, and proactively working in their best interest.

That’s what we do. It’s that peace of mind that underlines our deepest customer relationships, some of which span 35+ years.

We serve you with world-class controls, you serve the world through water, energy, and manufacturing excellence. It’s a proven combo that makes an impact.

Engineered to Grow

  • 1980

    Revere Control Systems was founded
  • Revere Logo


    Acquired M&A Controls
  • 1997

    Moved to new headquarters near Hoover, AL; over 64,000 sq.ft. of office and shop space
  • 1998

    Acquired Controls Division of Blower Manufacturer
  • SEECO Logo


    Acquired MultiTech Systems and Southern Engineering & Electrical Co (SEECO)
  • 2003

    Became a CSIA Certified System Integrator; founded Automation Alliance Group
  • Revere Logo


    Opened remote offices in Charlotte, NC, and Lakeland, FL
  • Revere Logo


    Opened remote office in Texarkana, TX
  • 2021

    Acquired Curry Controls Company of Lakeland, FL, to create the premier provider of self-performed, full-scope automation and electrical construction throughout the state of Florida and the Southeast
  • Revere office lobby.


    Moved into our current state of the art production facility and office space

Engineered to Lead

Andy Wilson


Jason English

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Graves

Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Jason Leeper

Division Vice President

Nan Johnson

Division Vice President

David Williams

Division Vice President

Lisa Milano

Vice President
Human Resources

Rick Braddock

Vice President
Logistics and Facilities