Automation EPC, Part 2

By Greg Graves

Part one addressed a definition/overview of the term, automation EPC (engineer-procure-construct) focused on the technical capabilities of our company and other large-scale automation firms: professional services, system integration, network & cyber security, electrical & instrumentation construction services, and field service support, to name a few.  These are the things we do. Based on the popularity of that post, a deeper look into the characteristics that define us seemed warranted.

Three of the many questions that senior leaders from our clients or prospective clients have asked about our capabilities are as follows:

“How do you track projects to ensure that the created value is aligned with the schedule?”

“How do you proactively manage communications with all of the project stakeholders?”

“How do you handle issues that emerge on projects that were unforeseen when the project started?”

 As we engage more and more with our clients, it is clear that the ability to aggregate a larger set of capabilities into a single, full-scope project is only valuable if you can articulate how the project is managed to ensure that it is delivered on-time and on-budget. To be a successful automation EPC, we must be able to answer customer questions like those posed above. To do so, we constantly ask ourselves questions such as, 

“What sets Revere apart?”

“What value do we deliver that customers truly need?”

“How do we offer differentiated value for electrical, controls & instrumentation?”


Our ability to get a customer’s automation assets fully operational in a shorter time period often delivers the highest value to that client. Our differentiation is defined by how we deliver this value. What we do may get us to the table and generate some interest as an Automation EPC. How we operate determines if we get and keep clients.

Creating the “How” requires proven processes and disciplines, but at their core is culture. We have procedures; we have extensive work breakdown structures; we have project management certifications; and we are a highly disciplined CSIA-certified firm. Ultimately, however, each of these things rests on and is supported by our company values. 

Having documented processes and disciplines is necessary, but real value is delivered when all 200 associates are committed to delivering on our promise to communicate proactively, be transparent, and confront issues quickly and courageously. We are glad to talk to clients about the “how” questions, but we are proud to talk about the people and the culture that empowers the meaning of our value statement: “Confidence Earned”.

If you would like to know the answers to the questions posed here, or if you have your own questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.