The Revere Co-Op Program

Unlike some companies that view co-op students as cheap labor to do “go-fer” work, we see our co-op program as a full-fledged training ground for potential future employees. Our co-ops get to experience:

  • A structured training schedule. We’ve got your first term planned out, so you won’t waste time making coffee. On top of the extensive control systems training, you’ll get face time with people in every department to learn how the entire business functions.
  • Real engineering work for real customers. In your first term, we’ll train you and let you get comfortable with automation. Your second term, you’ll be assigned a division to work with and pick up where you left off. By your third term, you’ll essentially be treated as a full-time engineering resource, handling projects for us like our other engineers.
  • The ability to improve the program. Each student is required to make a presentation to the Co-op Program Committee at the end of each work segment, describing their experiences, positive and negative, and providing their feedback on areas where the program can be made better for future sessions.

What others say

What are co-op students themselves saying they like about the program at Revere?


Co-op candidates are evaluated on personal attributes of intelligence, work ethic, passion for automation, and leadership qualities. They will be selected from a relevant engineering discipline. And they must be available for a minimum of three semester work terms. Other considerations are related work experience, related class work, permanent residence or citizenship, and a clean drug screen and background check.