Case Study

Leading North American Diversified Wood Products Company Upgrades Boiler and Control Panels

Production line of the wooden floor factory. CNC automatic woodworking machine. Industrial background

Client Overview

Revere served as the primary contractor on this boiler upgrade job. With controls at end-of-life and replacement parts no longer available, obsolescence put the client at critical risk for a production and safety-critical facility area. The project included bringing the boiler system up to a level of full-compliance using individual ControlLogix and GuardLogix processors. Reducing energy consumption was the driver behind the VFDs included in this project.

Description of Services Provided:

  • Managed Gantt chart showing project workflow and specific milestones with dates attached to keep the project on schedule
  • Implemented a conduit and cable schedule
  • Generated Cause and Effect analysis for safety devices based on NFPA-85
  • Designed PLC panels, tray, and junction box location drawings
  • Updated network and wiring diagrams.
  • Conducted Factory Acceptance Test
  • Managed the installation and wiring of the system including cable, conduit, and tray
  • Created loop checkout documentation for field verification
  • Site testing consisting of point-to-point wiring verification and functional testing
  • Provided operator training during FAT and start-up

Customer Results:

Full energy savings from the upgraded VFDs are anticipated to continue to be realized for years after completion of initial project.

In addition to increased energy efficiency, Revere was able to keep the project on-schedule and on-budget thanks to extensive project management experience and process expertise with the customer’s boiler system. The system now operates in full compliance, with safety PLCs fully up-to-date. Revere controlled project costs by managing the install, sub-contractors, and commissioning. The client was pleased with the outcome and plans to work with Revere to modernize other areas of their facility.