Case Study

Revere Provides Continuing Services & Projects for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Collection & Water Distribution Systems

Client Overview

Southern City Contracts Revere on Ongoing Basis to Provide Continuing Services & Projects for Its Wastewater Treatment Plant, Collection & Water Distribution Systems.

Description of Services Provided:

  • Designed and installed control panels, utilizing GE 90-30 PLC hardware and MDS 900 MHz Radios
    • Nine (9) WWTP PLC Control Panels
    • Thirty-Three (33) Lift Stations RTU
    • Five (5) Elevated Water Tanks RTU
    • Six (6) Wells RTU
    • One (1) Reuse Water System RTU
  • Configured WWTP network system with a fiber optic Ethernet ring with Hirschmann Ethernet Switches as the intelligent structure.
  • Designed HMI Application to operate on the GE iFix software and serve as a monitoring and control tool for the Plant Operations and Maintenance Staff
  • Installed two (2) iFix Servers for the Plant Control System Network (PLCs) accessing and distributing data for the view nodes
    • Connected to the Office Network along with eight (8) to ten (10) workstations serving as View Nodes for the plant support staff
    • Designed telemetry system which consists of forty-one (41) remote sites including
      • thirty-two (32) lift stations
      • five (5) elevated water storage tanks
      • six (6) wells
      • one (1) reuse water system
    • Installed SCADA Control System to monitor water levels in the four (4) elevated storage tanks and control the operation of the six (6) wells
    • Implemented collection system (lift stations) to locally control via hardwired controls with monitoring by the SCADA Telemetry System and GE iFix HMI Application
    • Upgraded Operator Workstations and the GE iFix Software/Application
  • Added
    • Reuse Water System
    • Six (6) Lift Stations
    • One (1) Well
    • Two (2) Elevated Storage Tanks
  • Upgraded SCADA HMI Software and (GE iFix Software/Application)
  • Converted Radio Telemetry System to a Cell-Based Telemetry System