CSIA Certification Received

Audit Passed for Fifth Time

We passed our first CSIA audit in 2002, shortly after the Control System Integrators Association implemented its certification program. And we have passed every three-year audit since then (2005, 2008, 2011, 2014). As a testament to the ongoing improvements we make to our business, this year’s score was our highest ever.

The CSIA certification program was implemented as a means of helping consumers of control system integration products and services identify those integrators that are adhering to industry best practices, not just in design and production of panels, the visible end result of what we do, but also throughout the business, from the proposal process to the invoicing process. Each certification audit is performed by an independent third-party auditor who spends two days examining and scoring the business on 200 criteria. What does CSIA certification mean to our customers and prospects? It provides assurance that our business systems and processes adhere to industry practices designed to deliver the best possible product in the best possible way with the goal of having a business that both thrives and gives customers a project they are happy with. From the program’s inception, we have taken great pride in our ability to comply with these practices and pass the certification audit because of our belief in the underlying principle that certification is good for our customers and good for our business. Click here for more information about CSIA certification.