Dealing with Disruption as an OEM

As an OEM, you’d like your products to be pushed further, reaching untapped markets and branching out into new brands. But what happens when an unforeseen disruption creates a colossal kink in the supply and service chain? It can lead to massive siphoning of resources, man hours, and revenue. Look no further than COVID-19 for evidence. 

While COVID-19 supplies an unprecedented example, others are not foreign to OEMs. Projects of all types can lose steam when manpower exits, and preparing to manage this reality is critical to your company’s long-term success.

The COVID Effect

COVID-19 has rattled sectors and industry in an unprecedented way, and OEMs have not been immune to its effect. On-site services have been especially impacted. That’s left OEM production stranded—in more ways than one. 

With the patchwork blanket that is states’ quarantine policies, OEM service workers who are in the field have, at times, been sidelined. Crossing state lines can crater production, with field workers stopped as they make it back home from the job and ordered to quarantine. The result? A significant loss in available project manpower as workers are corralled and shuttered up into their homes. This inevitably leads to a drop-off in project utilization and production, which affects your entire business.

Other Disruptors

As mentioned, COVID-19 isn’t alone in its effects on OEM production. Projects are deprived of personnel all the time: illness and medical leave, paternity and maternity leave, and employees leaving for new jobs create an exodus of qualified engineers and service people. Other hitches can happen as well. Sometimes your customer specifications call for controls platforms that you don’t have the time or expertise to tackle. This can tie up resources, bottleneck workflow, and stall progress on production. Other times, you just don’t have the manpower in-house to take on a large project. For all these reasons, and more, a reliable OEM partner is more than a “might help:” it’s a must. 

Turn To Revere

To put it mildly, risking profits is risky business. As an OEM, you need a partner who can help mitigate your project risk and increase your chances of success.

Revere Control Systems has decades of experience helping our OEM clients achieve their goals. Whether you need us to manage your entire controls load or serve as an extension of your in-house controls group, we’re available, capable, and stable enough to meet whatever needs you throw at us. We cater cost-to-quote to prime levels, shift risks over to us, streamline delivery and fabrication demands, and keep start-up costs in check. Visit our expert OEM team online and link up with us to meet your production quotas, project timelines, and overcome disruption.