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Design, Engineer, Build: Choosing the Right Control Systems Partner

In the market for control panels but not sure where to start? You’re definitely not alone. Many know they need control panels to stay competitive—but that’s the extent of their knowledge on the subject. We’ve talked about how important the right automation partner is before. We’re bringing it back up for your benefit. It’s imperative that you team up with an experienced partner for your control systems, so that any stage of needs you’re in can be expertly assessed and addressed, whether designing, engineering, building, or a combination

Services That Stand Out

At the outset of a new project, you probably have a lot of questions: Do I need someone to help me design and engineer the control systems, just help me build it, or do a combination of some, or all of, the three? It can be difficult to tell all on your own, especially if in-house automation expertise isn’t your business’s forte. A reliable control systems partner makes all the difference. Here’s how. 

Panel Design and Fabrication

When it comes to designing, you need someone who offers a winning combination. Revere’s designs meet CSA, UL 508A, and UL 698A standards. This sets up our panels and control systems to withstand hazardous conditions, which are common in the industries we serve. Our control panel designs offer explosion-proof, pressurized, and nonincendive properties. 

Revere removes any guesswork on your part throughout our design process. Plus, our expertise covers more of what you need to get the project off the ground. We have a high shop capacity able to produce more than 3000 panels per year, along with on-site, three-phase power and simulation testing. Large-scale projects aren’t a setback; our 27,000 sq. ft. production and testing space allows for full project completion, no matter the size. 

For Revere, project quality is top priority. For most projects, flaws surface during either startup or installation; however, the right design work helps ensure maximum uptime and ROI. 


Automation isn’t a standalone production piece; it’s part of a larger electrical scope of work that must be done right to give you the best outcome. The best way to execute this process is through an integrated design-build process to manage the entire electrical side of the solution.

Multiple components make up design-build for control systems. These include electrical engineering, design and fabrication, and electrical construction. All these elements, and more, work together into a cohesive whole, supporting controls and automation processes. 

Revere stands out from the pack with our unique design-build approach, streamlining the bureaucratic stalls that apply to design-bid-build processes. We integrate traditionally separate roles, which facilitates workflow for further project dividends. This way, engineering can work seamlessly into current project needs, carrying over from conception to completion. 


A lot goes into building control systems. It’s anything but a simple one-step process. Thus, the need for an automation firm who knows what they’re doing—and can get that to align with your company’s vision and future goals. 

There’s very rarely a one-size-fits-all automation solution, if ever. It requires a depth and breadth of experience to figure out which automation solution will work best for a particular facility, company, and industry. After all, you’re not a cookie-cutter business; why should you settle for a cookie-cutter solution?

Revere goes about building control systems with a tailored-to-you mindset. What do we mean by this? We assess client needs first, and develop custom machine controls that work within those. We study your processes, get an overview of your equipment, and learn your goals before we give our innovative “two cents.” And when we build, we ensure high-quality, expertly designed, and custom automation controls that ultimately pay off in profits.

Our work has value exactly where you want it: through the entire project lifespan. We are pinpoint precise in our design and fabrication, responsive in service, and built to ensure the best experience for you from proposal to project startup. 

Your Control Systems Partner

It’s true that the right control systems partner makes all the difference. That’s why you need one that has the expertise, equipment, and energy you require. Revere Control Systems has all three—and has the know-how to accomplish the big three in control systems production: design, engineer, and build. Contact us to learn how we can set your project up for success, no matter the phase you’re in or need to complete. Plus, continue to keep up-to-date with the latest in automation and at Revere by returning to our blog!