Employees Show Big Hearts

Since our founding, employees have repeatedly demonstrated big hearts. Whether it was helping out fellow employees that had experienced a house fire or other loss, contributing to spousal medical costs not covered by insurance, or putting together care packages for members of the military serving overseas. They showed it in groups that participated in Habitat for Humanity projects and our local Big Brothers & Big Sisters fund raising, and individually as employees went on mission trips to South America or actively worked with area non-profits in a broad spectrum of causes. 

This summer saw another project take place. A family in the community had suffered a major property loss, and employees initiated a campaign they dubbed the Revere Cares Project. Over a period of several months, employees contributed furniture, food, clothing, school supplies, toys, bicycles, and monetary donations. Some also pitched in to help with refurbishment of the property. It was a very successful, employee-led effort to give back to our community.

We are now in the midst of collecting contributions for the national Toys for Tots campaign, with collection boxes placed at various spots in our offices. And as we look forward to 2018, employees are already planning for another Habitat for Humanity day. The opportunities, and the willingness to give, are on-going and never ending.

No one brags about it or makes a big deal of it. It just seems to be accepted as a natural part of the company’s culture, like our tailgate party at the start of football season or our annual soup day on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It’s an attitude that starts with the servant leadership exhibited by top management and flows down to the employees at all levels. It’s a basic aspect of working here that we all seem to lump under the category of a family culture that employees refer to when asked what makes Revere a great place to work.