Homerun Project

One interesting project our Industrial group has been working on recently is the control panels for a company that does lighting for recreational parks. Though this project may initially sound like an average lighting controls project, it actually has some unique features that make it more impressive than typical lighting jobs This particular project is specifically for the lights on baseball fields; however, there is a little bit different approach as to how the lights will be operated compared to more traditional ballpark lighting. Like most ballpark lighting, this project will have its own manual controls to turn the lights on and off. However, there will also be a programmable computer that controls the lights automatically. This gives parks the ability to set the times for the lights according to when ballgames or other events are going on in the area. The really fascinating feature to this project is that the operator of the lights will have control to them from an ipad, iphone, or other device that uses either the SCADA Mobile or the i-view Prosoft apps. This allows the operator to turn the lights on or off from any location (wirelessly) as long as they have internet access. Not only does this feature allow the operator to control it, but also makes the app send a notification to the operator’s device telling it if someone had turned on the lights. This is for security and cost efficiency, so not just anybody can turn on the lights whenever they choose and cost parks money. Revere is continuously expanding its areas of expertise in the growing wireless industries. This project is just one example on how we can provide unique wireless features with our control systems. For more information on our involvement with SCADA and other wireless systems, visit: Wireless Communication Architecture