How (And Where) To Find Expertise in Booming Industries like Biogas

Let’s pretend you have a cable bundle at your house. The cable company gave you their top-of-the-line, next-generation technology, but it’s Friday night and you’re having issues. Shocking, right? Your internet connection is in and out, your TV picture is staticky, and your remote won’t change channels. You pick up the phone and call tech support, and they present you with two options: Option 1, you can talk to their internet specialist, then their tv specialist, then their remote specialist; or Option 2, you can talk to a support tech who’s only been trained on the new technology. If they can’t help, however, you’ll have to go back and talk to the three specialists separately again.

Those options stink, right? We’ve all been in that situation, whether at work or at home. What you really want is Option 3: a single support specialist who’s spent 40 years with the cable company actually building and repairing their internet, TV, and remote products, including the newest model. Rather than being siloed, they have an understanding of how the overall system components work and work together.

The Expert Predicament

When people talk about expertise, it’s usually based on an unspoken implication: to be an expert, you have to focus on a single subject for a long time. But what if it’s a developing area? How can someone claim to be an expert on controlling the process without fudging the truth? The answer is surprisingly simple: get back to what’s at the root of the application. Have the components to that application or process been around to be mastered in other contexts? If yes, then you’re getting somewhere—and an expert isn’t far off. 

Renewable Natural Gas Capture: Can I Get An Expert?

The capture and sale of renewable natural gas (RNG)—particularly in a farming context—is not particularly new, but it’s had historically little demand. As demand has increased, however, many industry entrants are having trouble finding someone they can trust as a biogas controls expert. Who should they be looking for? Let’s apply the formula above.

At its core, biogas farming is made up of five steps: raw material delivery, biosolids management and pretreatment, digestion, gas scrubbing and compression, and gas injection. The ideal biogas solution includes a control interface that gives operators a clear picture of the process at all stages: feedstock data, inventory management, and gas production efficiency. The theory is simple—but add in the diverse technical challenges of waste treatment and digestion, coupled with the midstream gas demands for cleaning, compression, safety, and custody transfer, and you’ve got quite a criteria list for identifying an expert.

There are plenty of Option 1 specialists from our example above who can handle little pieces, and plenty of Option 2 firms willing to try and execute basic RNG processes. However, the reality is that there simply aren’t many Option 3 firms who have deep experience in all of the disparate pieces and can truly own a biogas controls implementation.

Revere: The Biogas Automation Experts

Luckily, the industry isn’t entirely devoid of Option 3. Revere Control Systems is uniquely qualified to call ourselves biogas controls experts thanks to our deep-rooted expertise in the major processes that make up a biogas solution: material handling, water/wastewater management, OEM machine integration, midstream oil and gas management, and control system interfacing and reporting. We’re heavily involved in environmental impact projects, a critical consideration for any biogas project. Combine our deep automation knowledge with our full-scope design-build construction capability in-house, and you’ve found the key to biogas success: Get2Gas.

Get2Gas Runs Your RNG Production

Get2Gas is a packaged solution of controls that gets you to market faster than anyone else, but it’s also more than that. It’s a single facility management system that allows you to oversee your new assets. Get2Gas is a pre-designed application suite engineered specifically to get biogas facilities online and running at peak efficiency in a short period of time. Get2Gas was created to address the two primary needs of every biogas application: time to market and operations cost.

Revere’s Get2Gas packaged solution helps overcome biogas hurdles through every step of the process: financing and project feasibility, project development and construction, OEM coordination and support, project commissioning and pre-built KPI reporting…the list goes on. All of that helps tally up to a return on technology—and overall return on investment for you. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re stuck in the middle of the project, Get2Gas is ready to help get you across the finish line faster and more cost-effectively than any other solution out there.

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Why Revere

Think back to the cable bundle for a moment. Turns out the issues were dying batteries in the remote and a bad tap at the telephone pole that caused both internet and TV picture issues. Would Option 1 have figured that out? Probably, but it would have taken a long time. What about Option 2? It’s pretty unlikely, and even if they did, they wouldn’t have had the ability and tools to repair the tap. Option 3? Just a routine day at work. With the right experience, tools, and understanding, what was a show-stopping set of issues for Options 1 and 2 were easily resolved by Option 3. With one phone call, you’re back to your weekend.

Why should Revere be your biogas go-to? Because Revere has the experience, the tools, and the understanding to handle your biogas job from start to finish. Whether you’re an investment group, general contractor, OEM, or farmer, we know what you need to make your project a success. 

If you’re ready to partner with Revere on your next biogas project, reach out to us today. Or feel free to browse through more biogas and relevant industry topics on our blog.