How to Meet Shortages in IIoT Skill Sets

Complete operation efficiency can be one of the most challenging goals for any manager to accomplish, especially in today’s world. Meeting new technological challenges, optimizing systems, and addressing outdated technologies as you defend against cyber attacks is no small task. 

IIoT technologies are becoming increasingly demanding, and it can be hard for companies to fill the skill set gaps and stay optimally efficient. An effective solution to meeting these significant IIoT challenges is turning to an external OT managed services provider. 

Managed Services: What You Should Know 

IIoT demands both IT and OT proficiency. IT services have been around for years. Typically, they help monitor network activity, reinforce/recover systems, and maintain network quality. Managed services in OT, however, are becoming increasingly more popular to keep up with IIoT demand. 

OT managed services offer the complete package. They combine technology, domain expertise, monitoring, and remote connectivity all in one. By turning your OT over to a managed service, your on-site personnel have the ability to focus solely on day-to-day operations. It’s a tremendous burden lifted off of their shoulders, and one that improves outcomes in utilization, cybersecurity, and productivity,  effectively boosting your overall operational efficiency tremendously. 

Choosing the Right OT Managed Service Provider 

With so many new OT managed service providers, it can be challenging to know who you should choose to work with. There are a few things you should look for in your provider. 

First, find a provider that offers a comprehensive package. You’ll want someone who can manage the full spectrum of your operational technologies and provides expert service for your applications, industrial networks, automation assets, and most importantly, your OT cybersecurity. 

Second, you should also look for a provider with domain expertise. Remember, your goal in working with an OT managed service is to help meet your shortage in IIoT skill sets. You want someone who has expert knowledge and experience. Your provider should be able to understand your operational assets in the direct context of your production’s environment. Essentially, they should have both OT and IT domain expertise. 

Finally, you need to find a provider you can trust. An outside OT managed service provider will have access to your operational infrastructure. It’s crucial to find a provider with a complete understanding of cybersecurity best practices. You should make sure that your provider has the proper security clearances and certifications, like ISO 27001, for example. 

IIoT Peace of Mind With Revere 

Standalone IT isn’t enough to keep systems running, protected, and efficient as they should be. Revere offers a suite of OT services that touch on virtually every technological need. This includes filling key skill set gaps that can be a burden in an increasingly IIoT-based industry. If in-house expertise doesn’t quite cut it, rely on a company that has a handle on control systems expertise, readily understands your business goals, and grasps OT cybersecurity’s gravity: Revere Control Systems. 

Our clients have trusted us for more than 40 years in providing solutions that actively work for them. Contact us today, and see exactly how Revere can help you meet your operational goals. Plus, keep our blog in mind as you run into continued challenges in your industry.