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The world relies on our customers.

We work with companies that change the world. From solving climate challenges to delivering the basic infrastructure of society, the work we do creates ripples that touch our own lives, our neighbors, our communities, and the world.

None of this is accidental. We’ve chosen to work with companies that lead in the water, energy, and manufacturing sectors because those are the building blocks of the world around us. There are a lot of ways we could be using our talents. But we’ve chosen to be in this space doing this work because we care about making the world cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable.

Serving those around us has been our goal from the beginning.

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Work That Makes the World Work

Work That Makes the World Work

On an industrial scale, automation isn’t something most people think about every day (or any day). But don’t mistake being behind the scenes for lacking impact. From the flashiest new products and developments (yes, even that one!) to the most routine basics, automation makes processes safer, faster, more consistent, and less wasteful.

Modernize Your Automation

As one of the world’s leading automation firms, we’ve spent every day since 1980 supporting companies that make the world a better place. Our work may be hidden, but the impact it enables adds up.

A Difference You Can…


1000000000 gallons of water

cleaned per day


3000000 tons of carbon

captured per year


275000 airplanes de-iced

before flights annually

Automation: A Multiplying Impact

Modern automation, like most technology, is a blank canvas. Without an assigned purpose, automation has no intrinsic value. Once it is implemented with a goal in mind, however, it becomes a powerful tool that allows the user to expand their impact dramatically. This fascinating trait of automation means that firms providing automation services have a responsibility to leverage that power of multiplication to bring about good, not just economic output.

At Revere, we love that about automation. Here’s why: we’ve always seen ourselves as an organization that’s engineered to serve the world around us. We love helping people overcome challenges in service of something greater than themselves. In fact, our business success hinges on making an impact. If we’re doing good work for good partners, our impact will grow.

That’s why we chose automation.

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