Our vision is to create a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable world.

The energy sector is moving quickly toward that same set of values. With all the changes, you need a partner who understands where energy has been to help guide it into the future. Not just one sector, either. Revere has worked in Oil & Gas and Power Generation since the 1980s. We know those sectors because we’ve helped build them. Renewable Natural Gas is a developing field with the potential to radically change the energy sector for the better. Revere’s decades of work in Oil & Gas and Water/Wastewater have uniquely positioned us to lead the charge into embracing and controlling RNG facilities with our Get2Gas packaged solution.

Our services are designed for five primary client types: consultants, contractors, end users, EPCs, and OEMs. We bring a highly developed understanding of each client’s unique needs to every project, providing comprehensive documentation, predictable schedules and budgets, extensive risk mitigation, and 24/7 access to job information. With a wide range of self-performed services designed to deliver either a turnkey solution or solutions to spec, Revere is the right partner to help your business create cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable energy for the world. Read more about our experience and capabilities in each sector below.

Renewable Natural Gas

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Oil and Gas

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Power Generation

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