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Our mining automation solution and quarrying industry experience spans decades, and we’ve deployed control solutions around the world. Revere often  engineers electrical and control solutions as part of our design-build capability. We help our clients achieve superior efficiency, reliability, and operational performance.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we bring a thorough understanding of the demanding field conditions and exacting specifications required for mining and mineral process control. Our suite of solutions drives client efficiency, boosts profitability and allows businesses to focus on improving their competitive standing.

We have experience engineering and building control systems for a broad spectrum of mining, quarrying and mineral processing applications.

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Mining Automation for Aggregates

Revere’s electrical design-build capability grew up around bulk material handling processes. Revere’s in-house ability to handle all aspects of an electrical and controls project has proven to be tailor-made for the aggregate marketplace. So often the industry demands speed-to-market to serve customers within a fifty-mile radius of a quarry. Revere’s ability to be a single point of accountability to help plan, design and deploy all the electrical and controls elements with in-house personnel has allowed us to meet and exceed the start-up schedule on many projects. The Revere team has delivered dozens of successful projects ranging from simple process additions to full-scale modernization of controls or full greenfield projects. Revere has delivered automation to many aggregate clients for a variety of applications including: 

  • Conveyance 
  • Scalping 
  • Primary Crushing 
  • Secondary and Tertiary Crushing 
  • Impact Crushing 
  • Product Quality 
  • Gradation Control 
  • Coating 
  • Stockpiling and Loadout

Mining Automation for Lime, Limestone and Clay Production

Revere’s FEED+ process has become an essential aspect of planning and executing modernization of aging control systems. The FEED+ is a collaborative approach to discovery and scope development that will result in guaranteed capital cost for full scope electrical and control system projects.

Revere has executed electrical and control projects across a broad spectrum of lime and limestone production processes. Many projects have focused on modernization of existing assets to incorporate plant-wide control networks, new PLC and HMI controls, and drive control applications. Revere’s capability to provide everything from design to construction has allowed us to be very successful in minimizing downtime related to brownfield process modernization.

Revere focuses primarily on sites that are governed under MSHA part 46:

  • Sizing 
  • Calcining / Kiln Control 
  • Burner Management 
  • Blending 
  • Silo Control 
  • Environmental controls dust and water 
  • Load-out and Packaging 

Mining Automation for Frac Sand Production

Revere entered the frac sand industry in its early stages alongside design-build partners that take full scope responsibility. Revere has focused its efforts at being the best in the field at providing cost-efficient electrical and automation services to our EPC partners and owners. Our experience in designing and building industrial plants has equipped us to meet the automation demands of the frac sand operators. 

The application of Revere’s design-build tools allows us to help deliver solutions that use less energy, require less manpower for operations and maintenance, and get product to market faster. From engineering a single system for an existing plant to the complete electrical and controls construction of a turnkey frac sand plant, Revere can address your needs. Our design-build skills are ideally suited for the construction of frac sand plants, including:

  • Wet Flow Processing 
  • Dry Flow Processing 
  • Resin Coating 
  • Transload Automation 
  • Drying 
  • Storage 
  • Automated Load-Out Packaging 
  • Tolling 
  • Coating 

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Rare Earth and Speciality Metals

Revere has been an integral part of the largest barite grinding facility in North America. This plant covers 66,000 square feet including the mill building, maintenance area, bag packing room and warehouse. It has two Williams mills capable of grinding barite more than 90 tons per hour. The facility provides rail and truck load-out facilities and two robotic bagging and palletizing lines for shipment of pallets by truck. Revere’s control systems provide coordination of the OEM-provided equipment and are responsible for the operator control room and workstations.

The company has designed and built electrical and control systems that have been deployed throughout the United States, Kazakhstan, and Argentina. These projects include control of crushing, grinding, sizing, chemical treatment and packaging in bags, super sacks, truck and rail.

  • Jaw Rotary Crushing
  • Hammer Mill
  • Pneumatic Conveyance
  • Drying
  • Weigh Control
  • Packaging Control

Coal and Coke

Since the founding of Revere in 1980, and many years before that for some of our key people, we’ve been helping clients design, build and install bulk material handling systems for the coal and coke industry. We’ve worked underground and overland; we’ve designed short-distance systems and others that stretched for miles. We help customers with every aspect of the control system, from initial engineering to equipment (motors, motor controllers, power distribution equipment, PLC-based control systems) to installation, field training, and start-up. Applications we’ve implemented include: 

  • Mining Conveyance 
  • Underground Conveyor Control and Power Centers 
  • Belt Winch Control 
  • Power Distribution 
  • Production Hoists 
  • Ventilation Controls 


Some of our key people have spent years in the gypsum/wallboard industry. This has injected our organization with the highly technical abilities to address the most challenging issues within the industry. Our team has been involved in the implementation and management of automation and electrical instrumentation that has proven to maximize plant productivity. 

  • Advanced automation control design; feed forward, ratio control, and cascade controls to improve the performance of gypsum manufacturing. The gypsum toolkit also includes the advanced zero speed switch warning calculation, which will warn of an impending zero speed switch malfunction. 
  • Capital development and design of a plant-wide upgrade of the control systems for the second largest wallboard manufacturing plant worldwide, utilizing server-based HMI platforms and PLCs (30 operator consoles, 27 controllers, and 7,500 physical Inputs/Outputs). 
  • Designed a plant-wide web system that provides a portal into the operation of the equipment to predict equipment failures. 

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