Mining, Aggregate, and Cement

Vertically Integrated EI&C Solutions

Integrating the advantages of the digital world with the competitive demands of a commodity industry is tough. Let us help you.

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Get to Market Faster

Whether your next project is a greenfield expansion or a modernization of existing assets, getting it done fast is critical. The problem is that most companies have limited corporate resources to engineer and manage major projects. Even fewer companies have an operations staff who can dedicate the time needed to deploy new controls and fully assess the impact of things like advanced controls, machine safety, IT/OT challenges, and data management. 

As production data becomes more and more valuable for driving incremental operational gains, your data must be accurate, secure, and delivered to your decision-makers in an actionable format. You need a partner who can help you design your EI&C system to support a modern operation while understanding that start-up and commissioning are critical to meeting your schedule. Revere is a vertically integrated EI&C firm engineered to serve you by helping you leverage modern automation to meet your business goals.

Outcomes You Can Trust

Two technicians in a technical environment, one holding a clipboard and pointing at a panel, the other observing closely.

Faster Time to Market

  • Vertically integrated to self-perform every aspect of the EI&C scope
  • In-house installation services reduce startup timeline
  • Vendor independence drives flexibility and cost

Three professionals examining schematics at a table with a digital blueprint displayed on a monitor in the background.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Professional services during scope and budget development
  • Integrated design for all EI&C disciplines for data aggregation
  • Extensive HMI and Historian experience to drive continuous improvement

A man with a beard and glasses, wearing a cap and a dark jacket, sits at a workstation, adjusting components inside an open industrial control cabinet.

Increased Productivity

  • On-site support during the project or outage
  • Modernized controls for digital analysis
  • Systems designed for reliability and site-managed maintenance

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Our Experience

Our experience in the mining, aggregate, and cement industry runs deep and includes applications like:

  • FEL 1, 2, and 3 Studies
  • Field audit and discovery
  • Functional Description and Control Narrative development
  • Instrumentation design
  • Crushing
  • Sizing
  • Bulk Material Conveyance
  • Kiln Control
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Wet Flow Processing
  • Dry Flow Processing
  • Resin Coating
  • Lime Kilns
  • Finishing Mill control
  • Baghouse control
  • Blending control
  • Multi-Modal Loadout

Why Us


The primary goal is simple: everyone goes home safe every day. Our internal training platform RevereU ensures that our team is equipped with the knowledge they need to stay safe. Alongside RevereU, we leverage tools like Aveva and ISNetworld to track our performance. We don’t compromise: successful projects are safe projects.

Program Oriented

Modernizing a nationwide fleet of production assets is complicated under the best of circumstances. Don’t make it harder by using a variety of local integrators. Revere is built to deliver an EI&C modernization program across your fleet that makes your business more competitive and profitable into the future.


When a project’s timeline is the deciding factor, you should choose Revere. Thanks to our large project staff, financial stability to support multiple large projects, GC capability, in-house EI&C and panel fabrication capability, and national field service group, we’re engineered to get your system online and delivering ROI fast.

Vertically Integrated to Deliver