Why risk profits if you don’t have to?

Managing risk in a highly competitive market is a challenge. We know how difficult it is to interpret complex specifications while controlling the quote to cash cost.

Revere has Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships that span decades, and we have delivered thousands of control systems using an integrated OEM support model. We help OEMs control their cost to quote, mitigate specification risk, and meet delivery commitments while reducing start-up cost. Whether you need one system or one hundred, we are built to meet your design, development and deployment demands.

With insights from thousands of projects, Revere helps clients:

  • Define the business objectives and KPIs
  • Optimize cost to quote and proposal accuracy
  • Establish Standard Operating Procedures that shifts specification risks to Revere
  • Maintain on-time delivery for high volume design and fabrication demands
  • Control start-up cost

A Partnership for OEM Success

Risk Abatement

Control systems specifications can be a major OEM risk. Read our case study to see how Revere facilitates OEM risk reduction.

National and Global Support

OEM start-up costs can be significant. Read our case study to see how we help minimize start-up costs for OEMs.

Private Labeling

You invest a lot in your brand, and we support that effort. Read this case study to learn how we uplift and promote your unique brand.

High-Volume Execution Capacity

Your schedule can’t wait on automation. Read the following case study to learn how we scale capacity to meet OEM needs.

Collaboration Tools

Project life cycle costs come in many forms.  Check out our case study on collaboration with OEMs to see how Revere works with you to reduce costs. 

Learn about how we can help you control your OEM costs

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