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Power Generation

The power generation Industry is dynamic and will continue to evolve as more and more  renewable energy projects come on line. Revere had a long history of engagement on the traditional power station market. In recent years, Revere has become more engaged in renewable energy segments and is well positioned to support clients in the ever-evolving power generation market.

Revere’s experience spans a large spectrum of Balance of Plant applications. We have provided reliable control systems that are vital to operations. We have helped plant engineers deploy solutions to enhance reliability, improve controllability, and maximize production by augmenting their resources with the expertise and manpower needed to accomplish these goals.

Power Station Balance of Plant Controls

  • Power Station Balance of Plant Controls
  • Pump Controls
  • Water Treatment and Environmental Compliance
  • Systems for Mission Critical Equipment
  • Baghouse Control
  • Fuel Handling and Preparation
  • Ash Handling
  • Alternative Power Production

Alternative Power Production

Revere’s experience extends to solar applications and to cellulose based renewable energy projects. Working with Revere means you are working with a team of trained, certified professionals with the skills needed to deliver power generation solutions. We leverage best practices gained from working in related industries, such as oil and gas and manufacturing.

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