Metals Statement of Qualifications

Services provided to metals industry clients for cast house, coil processing, furnace, and environmental controls represent a significant portion of Revere’s business each year. The primary metals production has been a fundamental part of our business for decades. Having grown up in Birmingham, the metals industry experiences run very deep in our team. Foundry automation is a Revere legacy that extends back for decades. Foundry applications come in many varieties, but all include an emphasis on quality, throughput, and product genealogy. The demands of the modern foundry cover many control disciplines where Revere has deep and specific process knowledge. High-quality silicon metal is used in an incredibly high number of products we use every day. Uses in photovoltaic cells, specialty chemicals, and as an aluminum additive have driven demand for silicon metals higher. For many years, Revere has been a leader in the control & automation of silicon processes. Revere has mill-wide control experience, from raw materials management to packaging.


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