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Moving Toward Smart Manufacturing? Get the Right Partners

The growth of digital transformation—the movement of systems to interconnection with IIoT technologies—can be felt along almost every touch point in the production life cycle. For producers, this shift is only going to continue, with a “full steam ahead” move toward smart manufacturing. The right partners make all the difference in ensuring the switch is as seamless as possible, which pays off in reporting, analysis, production, workforce retention, and revenue. 

Going Solo to Smart Manufacturing Isn’t Smart

Trying to maneuver through digital transformation solo will be an uphill battle, and virtually unattainable. You’ll want to look for partners who understand smart manufacturing fully, which includes things like information technology (IT) structure, storage, and security. It’s also vitally important that a prospective partner can help successfully link IT with operations technology (OT). This kind of integration isn’t something to pass off—or on. Smart manufacturing’s rapid development needs full-time devotion and qualified expertise to keep pace with it.

For producers navigating through digital transformation, hardware and software have to work hand-in-hand. These two types of technology don’t exist in a vacuum. Both work in tandem to support processes, solve problems, and keep business functioning as it should. This understanding should underpin your smart manufacturing partner, along with a profound know-how on how to manage and maximize the technology your plant depends on. 

How to Find and Forge Partnerships

To overcome the challenges presented by OT/IT configuration, utilize the strengths of companies that come from long-standing traditions in technology and control systems. Your move to smart manufacturing will go smoother, with dividends you can actually see. These include enhanced safety, greatly decreased operational risk, improved business integration and longevity, and more data security. 

The question then becomes this: Who do I turn to that has the resources, assets, and depth of expertise to accomplish this colossal transition to smart manufacturing? Who knows how to simultaneously integrate OT/IT and orchestrate an entire system framework that minimizes complexity and risk while maximizing full asset control plus end-over-end data visualization? These questions reveal what defines Revere Control Systems’ wheelhouse. It’s our go-to gig; essentially what we do day in, day out. 

Partner with Revere

Smart manufacturing is here to stay—and will likely transform, evolve, and reinvent itself as time marches on. To keep ahead, and ensure a seamless transition, producers need the right partner that can be a boon rather than a bane. Revere Control Systems has the sweeping expertise needed for a wholesale move to smart manufacturing. Take on digital transformation with confidence, clarity, and calm. Contact us to learn about our services and return back to our blog for more industry news, tips, and trends.