A big challenge for this global O&G company was getting materials to market faster from remote regions of the world. Often, the raw material is readily available, but to properly leverage their competitive advantage, the firm must keep a tight handle on the operational costs associated with accessing and transporting the material.  They needed to construct a greenfield barite grinding mill in one such remote region.  Revere supported the EPC Design-Build contractor for the electrical and automation system which included a 30 x 14 E-house.  In addition, they required and developed application software for the ore crushing mill process control system, which supported English and Russian interfaces for the operator workstation.


Description of Services Provided:

  • Implemented Equipment Integration Plan
  • Installed Siemens S7 with WinCC
  • Designed network architecture
  • Designed Motor Control Centers (IEC type)
  • Integrated 3rd Party Systems
  • Configured and installed instrumentation package (including both Radar and Guided Radar sensors)
  • Designed E-House to withstand extreme temperature demands
  • Installed engineering work station
  • Worked with AAG Partner to supply Russian language in addition to English
  • Conducted FAT testing
  • Commissioning start-up


Customer Results:

Given the cost of on-site support at the ultimate start-up, The EPC determined that the system should be fully assembled and tested in AL, then broken down and shipped overseas.  This requirement presented a unique challenge for the system design team.  Revere utilized an AAG Partner for language expertise as well as commissioning and start-up.  On-time start-up was crucial and successfully accomplished in 2016.